Ramos Autotransportes      Tráfico Transportaciones, S.A. de C.V.

We are a  freight and logistic company founded in 1997, working commercially under the name RAMOS AUTOTRANSPORTES in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

The company RAMOS AUTOTRANSPORTES, arises for the opportunity to take care of freight services, transfer and storage of merchandise, either general or dangerous (Haz-Mat), to any part of the Mexican Republic and South of the United States.

Today, 20 years later; already consolidated under TRAFICO TRANSPORTACIONES society, we have continued evolving to offer the best logistic service with the highest quality standards.

An excellent task team has our backs; We are professionals based on the principles of its founder; Passion for excellence, integrity, honesty, amiability, personalized attention and teamwork.

TRAFICO TRANSPORTACIONES continues to innovate day by day to offer better Pre-Service, Service, and Post-Service to its customers.


We are currently affiliated with SIEM (Sistema de Información Empresarial Mexicano) and we have the support of CANACAR (Cámara Nacional de Auto Transporte de Carga) in Mexico.

We specialize in providing the best service of movement of goods with urgent character, ie; loading the merchandise promptly from its place of origin to its destination in optimal time and conditions. The client will obtain as benefits: cost reduction, risks reduction while the transportation takes place, and optimization of time, obtaining always EXCELLENCE IN THE SERVICE, in addition we offer, our Dry Van Trailers for rent, according to the needs of our customers.

Advances in Technology and Communication have definitely marked the efficiency of the company´s processes, and have allowed us to have dominion over the entire Mexican Republic, also covering the South of the United States. Our traffic and logistics coordination department maintains a constant monitoring of the journey through satellite tracking and Digital Telephony, keeping the client informed of the specific location and arriving time of their goods.

Currently we have a vehicle fleet of 60 load units of recent models​ (2007-2017) which pull a weight of up to 30 tones. We have a storage space that has more than 250 Dry Van Trailers with 53 feet capacity. We also have medium duty trucks, light duty pick-up trucks, flatbed trailers, and platform trailers.


To be a leading transnational company in freight service, which provides constant benefits to our customers, suppliers and employees or associates, exceeding at all times their expectations.


Give the clients the best transportation service, providing a constant communication, security, and availability of units that fit our clients’ needs

Benefits for our customers
  • Costs reduction

  • Decrease of Risks while transporting materials.

  • Optimization of Times.

  • Space saving in Storage.

  • Security in your goods.

  • Real-time location.

Communication and availability

We have:

  • Local Telephony

  • Mobile telephony

  • E-mail

  • Whatsapp

  • GPS Satellite (With the most advanced technology)

We adjust to the needs of our customers 24/7, the 365 days of the year.


Smart GPS 3G y Shield X2

Vehicle Tracking and Location Equipment manufactured in the USA, with an Anti-Jammer System; this is integrated with the necessary accessories to provide a robust protection tool against theft of units.


  • Tamper Lock, Safety device that immobilizes the vehicle.

  • Audible Alarm, 90DB buzzer with constant or pulsating tone for alerted automatically of assaul of Jammer attack in cabin.

  • Extension button, anti-vandalism button of black profile, when activated, puts the security protocol on hold so that the driver can stop the locking protocol if it is on a road or a detent.

  • Panic Pedal, Pedal installed to the side of the truck's accelerator, on having activated it a sign of panic is generated

  • Pin Lock, Control card that allows the deactivation of the blocks emitted by the Smart GPS by means of the entrance of codes provided by the center of Control Logitrack.


Logistics Service

The company offers the transportation of any general or hazardous material to any part of Mexico and South of the United States, granting quality and excellence in the service.

Dry Van Trailers for Rent

If the customer asks for it, we can rent any of our Dry Van Trailers either for transporting merchandise or as a warehouse in the required destination

Integral Transportation

We complement the terrestrial service coordinating with air or sea transport using ferry and / or commercial aircrafts, to adjust to the clients’ needs.


Availability 24/7

Our logistic operators are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, just like our cargo units.

Qualified and Certified Operators

Highly trained and certified operators that perform each trip in order to arrive at a certain destination in the correct time.

Satellite Tracking System

We have a GPS Tracking System with full coverage, which allows us to accurately track units and give our customers the exact location of their merchandise. Recently we have included in each Cargo Unit an "Anti-Jammer" system with different protection accessories, which offer us a more robust system against theft of units. We have the service of granting our customers "Mirror accounts", allowing them to keep track of their merchandise in real time.



years of experience


Loading units


Countries where it operates

​México And USA


license, certifications and insurance


Currently we have a vehicle fleet of 60 load units of recent models (2007-2017) that support and / or pull a weight up to 30 tons. (Heavy Duty Trucks, Medium Duty Trucks, Light Duty Trucks (including 3 ½ pick-up trucks), Nissan, and Saveiro trucks).


We have more than 250 Dry Van Trailers, for the transportation and / or storage of materials, and we also have flatbed Trailers. The team of operators in the company is able to transfer and deliver the materials carrying out the necessary maneuvers, in order to solve the small obstacles that can be presented to obtain the complete satisfaction of our customers.



As for our facilities, our Operations Base is located in Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon in the CETTE industrial park (Land Transporter Center).

We have first class facilities, equipped with closed circuit security cameras with video recording and alarm system monitored by specialized external companies. We are supported by a corporate security company, which provides us with a physical, internal / external surveillance system with continuous monitoring. We have at your disposal ample warehouses where we can store your material in case you require it.

There are loading and unloading ramps to prevent damage or accidents. We have a hectare of operation yard with perimeter fence and with both access and exit controls that meets the requirements of the CT-PAT program.


Logistic equipment that is present in the offices 24 hours 365 days. In addition, we have branches of operations in the cities of Saltillo and Piedras Negras, Coahuila.



Each of our transport units has all the necessary permits issued by the Secretary of Communications and Transportation to circulate in Mexican territory with any kind of general or dangerous (chemical) cargo; So also, we have the necessary permits or requirements to cross and circulate in the United States.









We have the support and wide coverage of Quálitas Seguros and ABA Seguros, in all our cargo units and in our team to deal with any event that could affect the transfer of your merchandise. In the US we have the support of National Unity Insurance Company.​


When the customer requests, we secure the load with the same suppliers.


Since 2014 we are a C-TPAT (Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified loading company. Actually we are working to get the OEA (Operador Economico Autorizado) certification in Mexico.

  • C-TPAT

  • OEA (NEEC)



Base 1

Calle Jesús Treviño Montemayor # 148 - A

Col. CETTE, Salinas Victoria, N.L. c.p. 65500

Tel / Fax 01 (81) 82 39 03 15 / 16 & 27


Lic. Alejandra Ramos 

Cel: 811 801 5934


Ing. Jorge M. Muñoz 

Cel: 812 030 4379
E-mail: jorgem@ttrafico.com